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Life, loss and fitting it all together…

My dad passed away last month. To say it has been a roller coaster of emotions kinda month would be putting it mildly.

To say time passes quickly would be totally accurate. From the time Dad entered the hospital until now has become sort of a blur. You can call it grief, a coping strategy or whatever you want. All I can tell you is that life has moved on…

I know I should look at things positively. He lived to be 83, really enjoyed life and just had the best outlook despite his physical limitations that came with age.

Still though, I miss my dad…. 😦

I miss his kindness. I miss the incredibly dumb arguments we’d get into. I miss the daddy daughter dates we’d go on before age took over. I miss our talks.

I miss him….

Life goes on. We’re going through the purging and sorting of my dad’s life right now. Some of it is kinda cool. There are old photos. Stories of items that held value to Dad are coming out the wazoo. I guess it happens to us all.

“Don’t go so fast!” I want to scream out. I know it needs to get done though. Sad to say.

Life goes on…. The blur will get bigger with time. It won’t hurt so much. Right now though I want to give my dad one last hug like I did in the hospital and say three little words.

I love you, Dad.