What would Dad say?

So I need to get a plumber out to my home this week. It’s not urgent, but is something that I don’t know how to fix myself.

It was then that I played a game called, “What Would Dad Say About That?”

I know it’s something that Dad, in his younger years, could have whipped out for me in no time-and at a fraction of the cost. I know he’d talk about the cost and chide me about paying for it.

Reality me knows though that Dad is not here to help me out. I have to call the plumber and get it done. I just can’t help but wonder…

Do I know someone who could help me do this? Can I do it myself? Am I wasting money having someone else do it? And on and on….

No, my friends aren’t handy. No, I can’t do it myself. If I can’t do it, I need to call someone in to help me out. (I need a husband. Or at least a handy guy in my life…)

I know I’m just missing my dad. Readers, how many of you who have lost someone have done the exact same question asking after you have lost someone special in your life?

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