Painting…A glimpse into hell…

So I need to repaint my bathroom. My first attempt looks like a mango explosion. Not good.

I’m doing online research so that I don’t make the same mistake again. Wow! Oh my gosh. Are there ever resources! It’s overwhelming!

First of all there is Home Depot. There are really that many options for color? Wow… I’m currently looking through their paint chart handy dandy color finder now.

And then there are the paint company Web sites… I can try out colors in each room! I could repaint each room if I really wanted to-all while trying it out on my handy dandy computer!

Excuse my desk paperwork…

Then there are samples to try out also! Will they really work well though against a mango-fied wall? Will I really get the true color? So much to think about!

Giving me all these choices is like wading through hell. I like things clear cut, which of course picking color never is.

I see finished home projects that others do of their bathrooms and “ooh” and “aah” like the rest of Facebook. How long did it take them? Did they feel the same way I did?

So tell me, readers. Have you embarked on painting your bathroom recently? Was it a positive experience for you?

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